Planning Lombok R&R

It seems the only time I can bring myself to blog is when I am going away or blogging about where I’ve been. This is nothing to do with procrastination – or maybe it has a lot to do with procrastination? Is it worth having a theme to follow? Probably. What happens is this, something of interest in my life seems to end up on Facebook and never makes it here.

In the event, we are going to Lombok next week; we being Roland and I. When I was there in May with Kath, Dean and Lily, I liked it so much that I managed to persuade Roland he might like it too. Recently, we were sitting chatting and he mentioned that maybe he was being a bit (a bit!) of a stick-in-the-mud so he’d like to go and have a look at Lombok. Before he could change his mind I had my laptop fired up and had booked and paid the airfares and the hotel accommodation! I made the booking for ‘earlier’ rather than ‘later’ and now ‘earlier’ is right upon us! Only 3 more sleeps.

We will be staying in a homestay in Kuta (Bali also has a Kuta). The prices are reasonable and include breakfast. Have a look here Yuli’s Homestay What do you think? I’d love for my sister Win to come with us as she told me she’d like to do a trip like this.

We are going to do a lot of exploring – I hope going to Mount Rinjani – the volcano which is still active. I think all the volcanoes in Indonesia are active. I don’t think we will climb all the way up but will certainly do what we can. The trek to the top takes 4 or 5 days … so I don’t think we’ll get anywhere near the Segara Anak Crater Lake. The mountain and the lake are sacred places. Mt Rinjani rises to 3,726 metres (12,224 ft), making it the second highest volcano in Indonesia. According to Wiki, “The Rinjani caldera forming eruption is thought to have occurred in the 13th century. Dated to “late spring or summer of 1257,” this eruption is now considered the likely source of high concentrations of sulfur found in widely dispersed ice core samples and may have been “the most powerful volcanic blast since humans learned to write.” I just hope it doesn’t choose when we are there to erupt again!

Roland will be doing some fishing – it looks like there are some excellent fishing charters and pretty reasonably priced too. The current exchange rate is in our favour.

Watch this space for more news.

Planning Lombok R&R