Queensland visit continued

OK, here goes with filling in some of the gaps. Thanks for your feedback on Facebook!

Thanks Heather for reminding me – Tibouchina – that’s the brilliant purple tree we saw in Maleny and all around the Sunshine Coast. Here’s another photo – I missed out on an avenue of these beautiful trees owing to built-in tortoise syndrome (two speeds, me. Slow and slower).


Here’s a photo I took of Heather and Jess as part of the team organising the venue at Tranquil Park. It looks chaotic but the end result was lovely. The colour theme was moss green, cream and rich brown.

Heather & Jess

My part in all this was to find the end of the sticky tape for Jenny, Jess’s mother. Oh, and pick up the rubbish! Also, to nod sagely when Heather explained to me what she was doing with the technology side of things.

While we were busy in Maleny, Roland spent time with Jacob, Dave’s son; some of which entailed taking the dogs for a walk. We (Roland & I) were quite smitten with Panda and Rattoes.

Panda & Rattoes

Not in their first flush of youth, these dear little girls are so game. They did remind me of Stella although they are much more obedient and well-behaved than she was. I realised how much I miss walking the dog – although walking still features in my life. The bright side is that we go much faster now and don’t have to pick up poo. I wish other people picked up after their dogs. It seems to me that the bigger the dog (and the bigger the poo) the less likely it is to be picked up. Just saying.

Will continue with more about Eumundi Markets and the wedding.

Queensland visit continued