Stella, the LBD.

This is the story of Stella, the Little Black Dog who came into our lives in 1999, a dear little puppy – 8 weeks old; half poodle and half maltese but she looked very poodley – as soon as her muzzle grew and her legs got longer.

Stella was born on 31st December 1998 and, 13 years later, was euthanised on 31st December 2011. Today, half way through January 2012 I grieve for my little dog. I see her as a puppy, I see her in her prime, and I see her as she was when the time came to ask the vet to administer the “green dream”.

I’m finding this exceedingly difficult to write. I miss the little soul so much and wonder how the gap in my life will ever be filled. No, we won’t get another dog, I couldn’t bear to go through this again and neither could Roland. The LBD was with me all the way through studying for my doctorate and accompanied both Roland and me through the difficult years when we first retired. Her loyal companionship is not something that can be ‘replaced’.

Stella wasn’t scared of anything except thunderstorms and electronic noises (like mobile phones and doorbells). Even after she was savaged by a staffordshire terrier, she didn’t fear bigger dogs. Funnily enough, she used to lift her leg to urinate like a male dog. Sometimes she got so excited she’d lift both rear legs and do a handstand!

I’ll add to this over the next few weeks and put up some photographs. There is one at the top of the blog of Roland and the LBD walking on Peaceful Bay Beach in the South West of Western Australia. The one below makes me laugh, she was ever curious and here she is peeping through the cracks in the jetty – spying on the fishes below – so typical!