Noosa Head Walk

Day Four: Sunday

After some family time in the morning Heather, Roland and I walked the coastal leg of the Noosa Head Coastal Track. Dave dropped us at Noosa National Park and I took a photo of Harrold, the koala killed by a dog – poor little fellow, didn’t stand a chance. Someone had put a bough of gum leaves in his paw.

Harrold, killed by a dog

A little further on we saw a live koala up a gum tree, fast asleep (koalas spend much of their time asleep)

koala up a gum tree

So, on one side a sleepy koala and on the other side the roaring ocean. Steep tracks lead down to the rocky shore at this point and there are many surfers on the track – coming and going.

Casuarina trees line the track

For most of the track (5.4kms) I trailed behind Heather and Roland – both of whom are fast walkers. In places the track was very rough and I took my time so that I didn’t fall. Also, there was so much to look at and I didn’t want to miss a thing.

Heather & Roland ahead!

Along the track there are places where the water is seeping through the surface. I saw a young man walking the track, barefoot, and he stepped right onto one of these patches and his foot sank right down into the mud. I had to laugh as it looked as though he had a shiny ankle boot on one foot!

Quite far into the walk we came to Hell’s Gates, an awesome feature where the ocean channels into a narrow chasm. The sides are steep and rocky and there are no fences to stop people approaching the edges, only a couple of warning signs like these.


I went as close to the edge as I dared (not very close) to take a couple of photos.

Hell’s Gates

Hell’s Gates & Alexandria Beach in the background.

Alexandria Beach, politely known as as a *Clothes Optional* beach is a beautiful spot. Apparently very dangerous to swim although that didn’t seem to worry the au naturale people on the beach and in the ocean. The ocean was very rough that day and although I was hot and ready for a swim, I wasn’t game to get naked and swim – too much sand swirling around in the water for my comfort. So I kept my clothes on and took my shoes off for the hike along the beach. I didn’t take any photos either, just this one from the track way above the beach.

Alexandria Beach

Dave met us at the far end of the beach, he had driven around so that we wouldn’t have to complete the full round trip through the inland track; also because there was absolutely no parking available at Noosa where we started the trek.

The track was much rougher from here on, steep and rocky with some quite sheer drops. In one place there was a chain which was helpful and elsewhere the trees provided a handy support. I was excited to hear a Whip Bird – the first time I’ve heard one in the wild (we don’t get them here in Western Australia). I have been practising the call ever since. I can get the first bit – the whistle – but the actual cracking sound is more difficult. I think the others were heartily sick of me making these whistling, cracking sounds all the way down to Sunshine Beach.

Beautiful Sunshine Beach! The breakers rolling in reminded me of the beach at Muizenberg in the Cape Peninsula (South Africa). I’d say this is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen

Sunshine Beach

The walk had taken rather longer than planned – possibly because of my *slow/slower* pace! Anyhoo, we ended up in a delightful restaurant and hoed into a cold beer! Oh my did that taste good. Beer is not my usual choice of drink but this Boag’s was nectar. A late lunch of tapas and great company put the finishing touches to an amazing, wonderful walk.

On the way back to Mooloolaba Heather suggested we climb Mount Coolum – seeing as it is *only* 200 or 300m high. While I would like to do that one day, this was not the day! In fact I was pretty tired by this time … have to remember, I’m pushing up to the high end of the 60s now.

Noosa Head Walk