Leonard Cohen, THE DARKNESS, New song, Nashville TPAC, Nov 5, 2009

The Darkness – Leonard Cohen
The first time I heard this amazing song was at the concert on 24th November 2010 and it is my new favourite!
The whole concert was magical. Leonard Cohen in top form but he must have been tired – it was the last concert of the tour and goodness knows how many timezones he’s crossed in the last few months. Sharon Robinson was absent from the line up and that was a pity. The Webb Sisters (Charley & Hattie) were there with their wonderful harmonies (and the odd synchronised cart-wheel). Roscoe Beck (musical director, electric bass, stand-up bass), Rafael Gayol (drums & percussion) Neil Larsen (keyboard) Dino Soldo (master of the wind) Javier Mas (binduria, laud, archilaud & 12 string guitar – what a legend) Bob Metzger (lead guitar etc.) The support act, Clare Bowditch, was also excellent. She told a couple of funny stories about the tour and also how much she had benefited being in the show with L. C. I remember last year that Paul Kelly said something similar. Clare sang her “I thought you were god” and dedicated it to L.C.

Something that always impresses me is the respect Leonard Cohen shows for his band and vice versa. He has a huge generosity of spirit and never ever hogs the limelight. Occasionally he was alone on the stage; he is so tiny but he filled the space.

The four of us who went to the concert were mesmerised and the 3+ hours went by so quickly. One of my friends was not that familiar with L.C. but by the end of the concert she was a big fan! I wonder if he will tour down here in Australia again. He is 76 now so it is doubtful but if he does I’ll be there! At the beginning of the concert he said, “Friends, I don’t know when we’ll pass this way again, but tonight we’re going to give you everything we’ve got.”
The review (by Ray Purvis) of the concert in The West Australian is worth reading. He mentions how L.C. “inhabits the songs”.

Leonard Cohen, THE DARKNESS, New song, Nashville TPAC, Nov 5, 2009