Shoes and weddings

Somewhere between Walpole and Mandurah I have lost my best ‘going out’ boots and my Sunday-go-to-meetings shoes. Roland says he thinks I gave them to the Op Shop in Walpole but I don’t think I did! Why would I do that – apart from the fact that both pairs were amazingly uncomfortable! I have searched high and low to the extent that the LBD has become quite neurotic and follows me around like a little shadow. I heard the expression ‘velcro dog’ and that suits her admirably.
I only need the shoes (or one pair) now because I haven’t got any smart shoes to wear to Cath’s wedding. My worst wedding-shoes faux pas was when my brother got married and in my haste to get from the farm to the church (with my 9 month old baby in tow) I forgot to change from my down-at-heel and exceptionally scruffy sandals into the smart shoes especially purchased for the occasion. Nobody would have ever known except that  one photograph taken in the church managed to get a really good view of my feet. Neither of my brothers have ever let me forget it and I still feel teary to this day when they mention it. 
My mother used to tell us (my sisters and I) about when she got married and couldn’t find shoes to fit her tiny little feet. She eventually found a pair of white Chinese slippers and wore those! She was so petite. I wanted to wear her wedding dress when Roland and I got married but when I went to try it on it was too small by far! I could get it on but it was ‘vampy’ tight! I was small myself, barely 100 lbs. My wedding dress is also tiny and many years later, when I showed it to a friend of mine here in Oz, she said, “What a sweet little Christening robe!” I was mortified!
Anyway, Roland and I have just celebrated our 46th Wedding Anniversary – I find it hard to believe as I didn’t think I was 46 yet but I must be. So, if I can lose 20 years, why not a couple of pairs of shoes?
Shoes and weddings