Random is a wonderful word. Once, when we were staying at Wellington Forest Cottages in the Ferguson Valley, a large white rooster came out of the forest. His name was Random and he was a pest. Bloody thing started crowing at any hour of the early morning. The cottages were (probably still are) fairly basic and, at night, the kangaroos kept trying to get into the kitchen to raid the rubbish bin. It is quite frightening to be greeted by a large ‘roo in the dark while on your way to dunny (lavatory for non-Aussie speakers). The dunny is situated out-the-back so the ‘roos are just another obstacle to be avoided.

The old timber cottages are picturesque. They are also extremely cold in winter. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t go there is summer because of the fire hazard. The forest is extremely dense and the maze of roads would make a quick getaway nigh impossible. In the advertising blurb it is stressed the GPS are ‘notoriously unreliable in this area’.

Most of the cottages were built in the 1920s to house the timber workers.

photo courtesy wfccc

Back to Random the rooster. His days were numbered but he was still there when we left. I think he would’ve seen off a fox quite easily, but it wasn’t a fox that was going to get him.