Life in the forest on the ocean’s edge

I was going to add the next bit in the angling saga but decided it is too academic and too dull. Anyway, I’ve mislaid the bibliography. If I find it, I’ll maybe add the next episode.

Life in the forest on the ocean’s edge is (should be) enough. On Monday we went to Mandalay Beach with my brother and my sister-in-law. Roland and Pete were fishing for salmon and Pete actually caught one – you couldn’t wipe the smile from his dial – especially as Roland missed out! Both caught herring.

Mandalay is a lovely spot and there is an air of mystery. Swimming is verboten – seriously dangerous rips and so on. There were a couple of other people there which is unusual. Most times it is only us.

The view toward Chatham Island is spectacular. The enormous cave on the rock that is Chatham Island reminds me of stories I heard and read in my childhood. From the beach you can watch the sun and shadow chase across the mouth of the cave.

to be continued/…
Life in the forest on the ocean’s edge