Birthday ruminations

Saturday was my birthday, something I love to celebrate. Each year I plan to be surrounded by friends and/or family (preferably both) so that I may drink deeply from the love and sense of community that is present. This year the group numbered about 22 loved ones.

Here we are under the vines enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Catering was no problem as my guests all brought a plate of delicious food – much better than anything I could’ve produced! We had a real feast.

My grand daughter played ‘Happy Birthday’ for me on her guitar and my cup was full. On the encore, my great-niece sang along but forgot the words!

My big sister, Win, couldn’t be with us as she lives in South Africa and we missed her terribly (Win, if you read this, we missed you so much – you would have loved the ambiance). One of my nieces joined us with her lovely daughter and I had messages from Tina, Cath and Lara and heaps of other friends and family so I knew they were thinking of us.

Roland was my rock! He and Dean managed the BBQ and the drinks.
Simon brought me portraits of my grand daughters, beautiful photographs, framed and just perfect. In the invitation I said ‘no gifts’ nevertheless I received some beautiful presents.

So, what does a birthday mean when you are older? I guess it is different for each of us. For me, it is my own New Year, this is when I make my resolutions (such as they are).  As I’ve got older, it is natural that the awareness that I am nearer the end than the beginning is present. How exciting to make the most of this time!

I have recently begun a 3 year course in Traditional Yoga Studies ‘The History, Literature, and Philosophy of Yoga’ run by Georg and Brenda Feuerstein. Working at this level after a few years break is proving a challenge; not least because both Roland and I are retired and making the space to study can be difficult.

On my agenda for this year are 2 classes a week at the Beacon Yoga Centre where I will be filling in for a couple of my friends who are taking a well earned break.

So, there we have it! Updates will follow, Goddess willing.

Birthday ruminations