Garden Reverie

In this blog I will be writing about my garden. My garden is colourful and easy to look after. This is because I am a lazy gardener. 

In my garden there are many large, bushy dark pink pelargoniums and a few light pink/white ones. There is jasmine climbing up a brick pillar and opposite is blue wisteria. The wisteria is yet to flower as I only planted it last season. The grape vine, which is just coming into leaf, gives us a shady area next to the top fishpond. The fishpond is surrounded by maidenhair ferns. This is where we sit to eat breakfast and lunch. When we entertain it is usually here. 

All along one boundary, up against the fence, are native plants in purple, orange, red and white. Spring is the most colourful time of year. Soon the summer heat will take its toll. Water is rationed in my garden so if something can’t make it through the summer, the poor thing is consigned to the compost heap.

Something has been eating the goldfish; the numbers have dropped significantly. It could be cats, these are the most likely culprits because since the Little Black Dog died, the local cats make free here in the garden. However, the fisher could be a kookaburra or even an osprey (doubtful). There are marron (fresh water crayfish) in the top pond. The marron eat the pond plants and the fish if they can get hold of them. They certainly eat the fish eggs as we haven’t seen any baby fish for ages. I think I saw some babies in the bottom pond but as there are no marron there, the vegetation is much more verdant so it is more difficult to spot the fish. 


Because the garden was established when we bought the house there are plants in it that I would never have thought of growing. For example, camellias and azaleas. The camellias are far more healthy than the azaleas which seem to have some sort of rust or mildew on the leaves. The hydrangeas are healthy looking at the moment but by the time summer really sets in their leaves will also get the mildew on them. 

There are a couple of blue-tongue bobtails living down near the shed. Apparently they eat snails but I find that hard to believe. I have been catching snails in beer traps. The beer is a home brew that Roland gets from a friend of his. The snails have a happy smile on their tiny faces when I hook them out of the tin. 

There was an aviary next to the shed which we have started to take apart. I have plans for this structure. It would make a lovely small Yoga pavilion. It may happen but it probably won’t. Covering the ex-aviary is tecoma. In my opinion tecoma is a triffid, but tucked away here it can do what it does best – grow and sucker and be colourful. The Little Black Dog is buried nearby, under the Lilly Pilly tree next to the shed.

The front garden is bright with colour too. There are brilliant red callistemon (bottle-brush) lining the driveway. The branches are so heavy with blossom that they are almost on the ground. Each time I drive into or out of the garage the flowers flow over the car. I’m careful not to open the door or window when I’m parked under the trees as there are so many bees in the blooms. Roland wanted to cut off the branches but I kicked up a real fuss so he hasn’t done that! There was plumbago next to the house but we have had to dig it out. Somehow it (the plumbago) managed to find a small hole in the brickwork and sent a sucker through, up the wall cavity and out through the tiles! This gave us a big fright, thinking in terms of termites etc. There are still shoot coming up and we diligently dig them out. My sister told me that where she lives the plumbago grows wild.

Garden Reverie