The Fast 800 by Michael Mosley

The Fast 800: Australian and New Zealand editionThe Fast 800: Australian and New Zealand edition by Michael Mosley

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Excellent and informative.

Dr Michael Mosley is a motivated and professional health practitioner. In this book he draws on scientific research to support dietary suggestions for those with diabetes mellitus. Therefore, the underlying trope is to improve health for those who have tried many other means of solving this and other health problems. His own experience with Type 2 diabetes (and pre-diabetes) set him on the path to discover ways to improve the prognosis. On the way, he uncovers some interesting (and innovative) science regarding dementia, PCOS, hypertension, and other diseases so prevalent in the industrial world and modern society.

Mosley’s writing is informal but every claim he makes is backed up by real science.

The recipe section is comprehensive with some illustrations to show the reader what “800 calories” looks like on the plate.

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The Fast 800 by Michael Mosley