Lessons learned

We learned a lesson today, Roland and I. We set off on our morning walk down to the beach, stopping and chatting to some of our neighbours on the way. Such a beautiful day, the air fresh and clean.

A truck passed us and I noticed that it was a ‘dunny’ truck. For those of you who are not familiar with Australian dialect, a ‘dunny’ is a lavatory – often an outside lavatory. Dunny trucks are used around here to empty out septic tanks and the portable dunnies used on building sites.

Well, this particular truck was heading for a building site on our walking route and as we came over the hill the stench hit. The truck was pumping out the builders dunny on the corner. So much for fresh, clean sea air! We turned tail and headed down another street well away from the action.

Lesson learned? When you’re out walking and a dunny truck goes past, be on the safe side and take another path, you may be glad you did.





Lessons learned