Finally … the tree-lopper

This is the last Lombok post.

On our last day in Senggigi, tree-loppers arrived to remove some branches that were overhanging the Spa. Their vehicle was an extremely ancient VW ute (pick-up) that parked right near my room. There was much crashing and banging as the team off-loaded ladders and so on before tracking across the gardens.

After breakfast, I went to have a look at the proceedings … no hard-hats (not that they would have been much use), perky straw hats were the order of the day. No safety equipment, the only safety harness was attached to the chainsaw.

Three ladders were opened out and tied to the tree, not very securely as it turned out as when one branch fell, it pulled one of the ladders away and the Lopper was stuck up there for quite a long time. No worries, he had a smoke!

 Here he is, climbing the tree, can you spot him in the yellow shirt about two ladders up. Quite a few guests from the hotel were spectators and we weren’t kept away from the area.

 Here he is at the top of the ladder.

 He’s left the ladder!

 Even further

Spot the Lopper!

Using a chainsaw and an axe at that height with no safety harness, just the thought of it makes my blood run cold. I guess you work with what you’ve got. None of the locals thought anything of it.

On the trip to the airport our driver was asking questions about Australia. He wanted to know about the Aussie use of swear words, were they meant to be insulting? Were they just a figure of speech? I can’t remember which one he singled out, it could have been bloody. Interesting when you start to analyse these words in speech to people who are not used to the Australian manner. This particular driver was political; that does not happen often in my experience. He showed us the Chinese Cemetery. I was ignorant of the issues surrounding the Chinese population in Indonesia, let alone Lombok, so I found his comments interesting.

So, our holiday came to an end. It was an interesting week, I spent a lot of time with Lily and enjoyed her company. The journey home was uneventful. Roland, Rosie and Simon were at the airport to greet us. As always, good to be home.

Finally … the tree-lopper