Winter Soups and Stews

Winter deserves soups and stews. The vegetable soup I am cooking for this evening’s meal looks a lot like this


The recipe is a mishmash of David Herbert’s Chunky Vegetable Soup – plus veggies I’ve got in the fridge and a few other things for good measure (like ginger). It smells yummy. Apart from anything else, the heat from the pot warms up the house.

I have a large, heavy bottomed stockpot that is useful for cooking soups and stews. I make sufficient soup or stew to freeze some for those days when I don’t really feel like cooking. Normally, I’ll make the stock from scratch and I’ve done that this evening. Otherwise I’ll use stock cubes or prepared stock. The problem is that they are overly salty. When I was a child, my mother made wonderful soups and they were often over salted … she would put salt in and then my father would put salt in and the cook would put salt in, too. I can remember my brother moaning about this. I didn’t care, I like salty food.








Winter Soups and Stews

A Non-Writer, Writing



Through all the years that I believed I was a writer, I struggled to put words on paper. In my more senior years it is apparent that I am not a writer. I am a tiny potato and I realise that I cannot ‘do the thing’. I do not have the determination or the drive a writer needs. Small bloggy pieces are about my limit.

Many years ago, I believed I was an artist but it turns out that was misguided thinking, too. There are many things I can do but drawing, painting and writing are not among them. I have a minor talent but it is not enough. The many nudes I drew and painted at Art School were destroyed (burnt) by an over-zealous family member for reasons I’ve never fathomed. I am easily disillusioned, defeated even, and take such physical criticism to mean that my work is worthless. I’m very good at giving up – cease making an effort; admitting defeat!

What I would like to be able to do is to sing in tune.

A Non-Writer, Writing