Things I know now.

Things I didn’t know I knew but do know now.

I didn’t know how gorgeous I was until I was older – much, much older.

My family is important, and becomes more so as I grow older. Grandchildren are the most wonderful people in the world. My grandchildren are my heart.

Life is sweet, but not that sweet.

The worst thing about getting older is falling to pieces.
The best thing about aging is not caring what other people think of my looks, dress sense, taste etc. etc. Being grumpy is acceptable (probably expected of me).

I still miss my mum and dad.

Africa is in my blood and is still my axis mundi

I love reading and it is good to be able to read ‘ordinary’ books again without finding it necessary to critique every sentence on every page (and it is ok to detest boring, self-important writing that is designed to impress and exclude). Not many of the authors that were important in researching my doctorate have made the cut!

Moving sucks, it is so stressful and I lose things, including bits of myself (like my mind).

Animals (pets) are a huge responsibility and it is awful when they die – which they usually do before you’re ready for them to go.

Friendship is important but needs to be nurtured. Paths diverge sometimes.

Purpose in life keeps me from going completely nuts. Retirement isn’t all it is made out to be.
Yoga is something I can ‘do’ everyday and ‘live’ everyday.

It is important to be kind.

Regrets sometimes keep me awake at night.

Things I know now.