Dawn Meditation

Early morning is my time for sitting in meditation. I composed this Haiku which, even though it doesn’t conform to Haiku rules, expresses the essence of my daily experience.

Winter dawn

Sit, feel my breath

Darkness. Solitude.

Some days meditation is easier than others. Some days getting out of bed is easier than others. Most days I just have to get out of bed, stretch and go for it!

Some days I can sit in stillness and some days I fidget. I think the main thing is to do it!

Thinking about Lessons with Persephone, and walking meditation in the maze, there is the understanding that meditation is not only sitting in stillness.


Lessons with Persephone combined Yoga and Writing. In the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Nathaneal’s Rest in Mundaring, both Yoga and Writing flowed easily. Home, and the quotidian life makes both more difficult.

I persevere.

Dawn Meditation