Woman with a stick

Having said I would blog my recent cruise, I have considered how interesting this would be to other people. I decided it would not be interesting at all! Who wants to read about what someone else did and/or saw on holiday? So, I thought, what if I pick out some of the incidents that made me laugh? Here goes …

One of the shore excursions was for a small group of people (about 30) from the ship in Milford Sound (excuse to show you a photo), by launch to the Milford Sound landing. One of the group, a youngish woman with an older partner, attracted my attention as she had a stick and limped quite badly. I knew there was quite a lot of walking involved in this excursion and I wondered how she would cope. Very well, as it turned out!

Cruise ship Diamond Princess, 3,000 plus passengers but dwarfed by the mountains in Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

Walking Stick Woman was the first to board the tourist bus that was taking us to Queenstown where we stayed overnight, and then on to Dunedin. Because of the stick, WSW, and her partner, had the choice seats at the front of the bus. Actually, that was the last of we saw of the limp and the stick! At every scenic and/or rest stop she was up and down the bus steps like a gazelle. Each stop saw her posing (and I mean Posing with a capital P) for photos dutifully taken by her besotted partner.

The tight leather pants were a mistake.



It was cold on the cruise, especially in New Zealand and I had to buy warm clothes on the ship! The jumper I bought in an op shop (thrift shop) in a small town in the Barossa Valley, South Australia (on an excursion) because I was already regretting not packing warmer clothes. The beanie helped!

I’m used to holidays in the tropics.

More to follow

Woman with a stick