Jane Caro, Plain-Speaking Jane

Plain-speaking JanePlain-speaking Jane by Jane Caro

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jane Caro tells it like it is. Her openness regarding her anxiety, her parenting, her feminism, and the battle (for that is what it is) against the patriarchal attitudes in her life and her working life, is inspirational. In many respects this could be a life-changing book.

Her philosophy – what she has learnt – is this “… safety is an illusion and danger is reality. Terrible things can happen and they can happen to anyone. You are not special and nor is anyone else.” Jane Caro says that once she accepted the truth of that, “… – not just intellectually but viscerally – I gave up trying to stay safe”. I have also learned this and it is enormously freeing.

I would like to be Jane’s friend! I thought that from when I first saw her on The Gruen Transfer

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Jane Caro, Plain-Speaking Jane

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