Moving out of my comfort zone 

Karaoke isn’t such a big deal is it? Most people have tried it when they’re young and feckless. No me. I waited until I was nearly 73 years old, on a yoga retreat in Bali. 

We chose to sing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody because I sort of know the words! Suzie has a good voice and helped me through the tricky bits. The unwanted backing singers (two inebriated men) were given short shrift. This experience was definitely out of my comfort zone 

Second comfort zone experience came completely out of the blue. The morning after the Karaoke we were preparing for yoga practice beside the pool at our hotel. Sitting cross legged, centring myself, I felt the sensation of the earth beneath me gently undulating. “Aha!” I thought, “this is an earthquake!” I spoke the words out loud and sitting next to me, Robyn said, “Yes!” 

Third experience: on the way from Legian to Lovina (Singaraja) we stopped at the hot springs at Lake Batur in the volcano’s caldera. The hot springs were lovely and healing. The drive down from Kintimani – well let’s just say the road is crazy! Driving down the spiralling road to the caldera, in a fairy large bus, dodging motorbikes, dogs, cars, pedestrians and trucks took some skilful manoeuvring by our driver, Putra. Oh yes, there were some washaways and landslips. 

That night in Lovina there was a thunder storm. I was reminded of the storms in Africa. 

Moving out of my comfort zone 

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