Disappearing mugs of tea & coffee, and Academic Writing is a mask

I don’t know about you but this is what happens to me … I am sitting, comfortably – probably reading or doing a sudoko – quietly sipping on a mug of hot tea (please note, I’m very careful not to write ‘a hot mug of tea’) or hot coffee. After a couple of sips I reach out again for the mug and it is empty. In the words of Julius Sumner Miller, “Why is this so?” My attention may have wandered for a moment, but only a moment so where did the tea go? I have a theory, I have many theories that are totally useless in the event.


This tea/coffee discussion is not a proper entry for my blog.

I am writing a more whinging blog about why I can’t access my own academic papers published in journals. I’d put the paper up on Academia.com but the original paper is long gone. The journal article I’m thinking of was on an ancient computer that died about 15 years ago. I’ve got the hard copy and I know if I copy it out I’ll change it! The Journal of Australian Studies claim copyright and I can’t even copy my own writing without written permission from the Editor. So, you’ll not be able to read my paper, Recollection of Identity: The Reassembly of the Migrant in JAS #77 2003 pp 109-116. Some academics have cited the work and that makes me feel it was worthwhile.

Nowadays, I use the academic style to hide behind. I have lots of things to say but they are not always acceptable. I stifle the urge to write publicly because what I have to say is inflammatory, to me and to others. Betrayal, loathing, exclusion, hate, love.

Academic writing is a mask.

Disappearing mugs of tea & coffee, and Academic Writing is a mask

3 thoughts on “Disappearing mugs of tea & coffee, and Academic Writing is a mask

  1. Powerful words, Eleanor – they incite curiosity and the hope your words will come out from behind that mask. (Not to mention, I have the same problem with the disappearing tea!)

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  2. Learner says:

    Inflammatory words? Can’t wait! And i freely offer to word process your paper – without making alterations – during my summer break, as a welcome distraction from my dread of Christmas… absolutely no charge. I need a project or two, and it’s far easier to do something for someone else, than face one’ s own ‘To do’ list!

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