Time with my Granddaughters 

Here we have an incipient blog entry. I’m committed to one blog a week and I’ve imposed one rule on myself, book reviews from Goodreads are not counted!

Tonight Rosie and Lily decorated the Christmas tree. Rosie, mostly in a hurry, much like her grandfather, has the tinsel and baubles strung up in quick time. Lily, on the other hand, digs into the decorations box and finds strange little objects all of which warrant a place on the tree. “I made this when I was little” she informs me earnestly, holding up a grubby tube of paper.
“What is it?” I ask.
“A reindeer” says she.

Now, looking just a trifle lopsided, the tree is completely covered in glamour and glitter. ‘Thank goodness they don’t have a cat’ I think to myself.

So now the next part of looking after my girls is to persuade them to go to bed.

Time with my Granddaughters 

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