Winter blues and flu

Summer was over in a flash and I never even got a chance to whinge about the heat. For some reason this winter seems to have been colder and continued for longer than I remember last winter. So far this winter I’ve had two colds (one more like ‘flu than a cold) both of which I picked up on the train: “the steaming petri-dish of public transport”. Thanks for that saying Heather! I use it a lot.

To add to the winter blues, I broke a tooth and now have a hefty dentist’s bill for a new crown. Growing older is fine but falling to pieces is a pain.

But I’m still standing! I live in a wonderful place. Spring can’t be far off and soon I’ll be back  swimming and soaking up the sunshine. It is a good life.

So, here are some juicy lemons that my sister gave me. Lemon juice and honey have saved my throat. Salt water gargle has helped too.



Winter blues and flu

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