Celebrate the end of daylight saving in WA

Today started off clear and warmish. I sat on the balcony and watched the wrens skittering about on the lawn. The drizzle came in quite quickly and I had to roll up my yoga mat and close the front doors – which are usually open this early in the day to clear out the night stuff. I do my morning yoga behind the apricot tree – at this time of year it is still leafy and quite private. In winter, the tree is bare and I do my asana inside but with the doors open (unless the rain is driving in). Stella, the LBD (little black dog) is always party to any asana that involves me turning upside down. It is a great opportunity to come in close and kiss me or inspect my bum. How delightful, Not.

Roland was off fishing at Mandalay and came home dripping wet – no fish – that’s OK the salmon that are running at the moment are, in my opinion, only known for the complexity of recipe to disguise their taste … curry, peri peri and so on. Herring are better and I must get out the smoker and see if I can remember how to kipper them.

So this is a quick post on Saturday evening to celebrate the end of daylight saving – I hope for a very long time. Tomorrow (Sunday) when I wake up at 6.30am it really will be 6.30am and not 5.30am.

New Tricks is on TV but it is a repeat and although I am a big fan of the program I can remember that this one was too highly charged for a sook like me. I think it is the one I’m thinking about. Roland will carry on and watch The Bill but I’m going to write up my proper journal (the one with a fountain pen and pages). I’m just about to start on a new one and that is always a milestone for me. I still wish I hadn’t destroyed all the ones from Rhodesia, South Africa and our early days in Australia. The fact that it is unlikely that anyone would ever have read them is beside the point because, when I reread the ones I have got (dating back to approx 1992) I am able to reflect on the many changes in my life and in myself. Who would have thought, all those years ago, that I would go to university and come out some 12 years later with a PhD? Shit, I didn’t even know what a PhD was when I started in 1993. I wish I had some pictures of me in my bonnet, collecting the doctorate! I looked like an animated mushroom.

Celebrate the end of daylight saving in WA

2 thoughts on “Celebrate the end of daylight saving in WA

  1. Came across your blog through Michelle Phillips. I’m with you on daylight saving. Hate it with a passion and think it boils down to two schools of thought, your either a morning person or an evening person. Personally I like to start my mornings with daylight.


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